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Book premium party venue for your event in Westchester County

Need the most ideal venue for your celebration? Coliseum is one of the most luxurious party spaces you can have your party at. Relax! There are well maintained highly gorgeous venues for every party. There are highly professional staff members to cater to your needs. Your party would be perfect! Let your guests admire you for arranging a stunning party. Coliseum is the right place where you can connect to for booking a party. Every space at the Coliseum is renovated to better facilitate clients preferences. So, what are you thinking about? You have one of the professional party organisers for your special event.

We have hosted successful parties, which makes us a trustworthy choice for many of our clients. Coliseum develops to organise parties according to the growing needs of modern clients. Let the Coliseum organise the most happening event for you. We prioritise every party because we understand celebrations are happy moments, and making it exciting is what our professional team works for. Give the best party feel to your guests by booking the Coliseum for your event. Why worry for your party needs when there is Coliseum, the ideal company for every private event in Westchester, NY? Call Coliseum to discuss your party.

Party Venue Westchester County New York: There are well equipped party spaces at the Coliseum that can fit to any type of party you want to host. There are very gorgeous illuminated dance platforms, stunning lighting, high quality music system, and more. There is everything that can make your party superb. The spaces are carefully designed, keeping in mind what party lovers look for. You can host birthdays, sweet 16s, musical events, wedding events, etc. So, what are your party preferences? Let Coliseum, the best option, arrange a venue as per your party theme. Creating a gorgeous party ambience is what we excel at.

There are highly professional kitchen staff to enhance the charm of your party. Wondering how? Food is one of the important aspects of parties. Coliseum offers the best customised food menu, which you can select as per your preference. Our staff would be preparing delicious food items for you to select, which will be finalized to be made at the event.

So, relax for your party, as Coliseum will efficiently arrange everything. You would love everything at the Coliseum: the classy furniture, high-quality lighting, best sound systems, tempting food, etc.

Call for hosting party at Coliseum, the best option for party venues in Westchester, NY.

Get the best stylish party venue!

Corporate Party Venues: What to Look For While Selecting For Your Corporate Event

Are you looking for a suitable conference or corporate party venue in Westchester County, New York? Finding a party venue in Westchester, NY, can quickly become exhausting! The sheer number of considerations, date availability, and the haste in selecting vendors can be completely overwhelming. Things can be worse if you are unprepared.

There are several factors to consider while looking for corporate party venues in Westchester, NY. Location, accessibility; the size, price, style of the venue; audio-visual inclusions; food & beverage offerings all matters most for a suitable corporate event.

Each of these factors influences whether an event will succeed or fail. If these details are carefully thought out, your guests will have an enjoyable time. Plan these aspects well in advance, and let your attendees have a memorable experience.

Location and Accessibility

The location of the venue should be convenient for the majority of your attendees. Select a venue that is centrally located and accessible. If the venue itself doesn’t have onsite parking, then communicate with the nearest valet parking area.

At COLISEUM, we advise our clients to use free street parking or secure paid parking within 100m for daytime corporate events. Evening activities provide the convenience of free parking just nearby. It is easily accessible as we are located in downtown White Plains, New York City.

Venue Size

The size of the venue needs to work with both your anticipated number of attendees and the ideal room layout. Be sure to check with the venue & its room capacities. Does your group need enough space to spread out or a place to meet new people? To avoid any surprises on the big day, make sure to let your event organizer know about this.

At COLISEUM, we have a 7500 square foot beautifully designed space that accommodates corporate events in varying sizes and styles. The versatility of our party venue in Westchester County, New York, can create an environment that’s welcoming for a small or big group.

Venue Price

When on a strict budget, the venue’s cost could be a deciding issue. Find out how much the food and drinks will cost, as well as the venue hire charges. Take note of the information regarding cuisine provided in the packages. Does your event goes beyond normal business hours? Enquire whether there is an extra fee for an early setup or a later finish. You will be able to compare venue quotes readily after clubbing all the related costs.

Venue Style

It is important while considering a party venue for a corporate event in Westchester, NY! Meeting within four white walls is hardly inspiring or conducive to creativity. When it comes to organizing a corporate event that won’t be dull, choosing a location with a unique aesthetic appeal might be a hero movie.

At COLISEUM, we provide an interesting environment that stimulates the senses and encourages productivity. It is important when you’re in that strategic planning session! We can arrange small to large distinctive corporate events, ranging from conferences and meetings to product launches and gala banquets.

Audio-Visual Capabilities

Do you want to ensure your corporate event is smooth and sophisticated with state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities? You need standard AVs such as projectors, screens, lecterns, and microphones to make the corporate event smooth. Discuss your requirements with our venues to ensure there will be no issues.

At COLISEUM, we provide the best sound-engineered space that ensures no outside distractions or echoing. It is suitable for quiet meetings or loud music. Take advantage of our complimentary wi-fi, projectors, electronic screen, wireless microphone, and surround sound system.

Food and Beverage Offering

Events often revolve around food and beverage, so it’s crucial to get this right! Choosing mouth-watering meals and beverages will contribute a positive association with an event. So, do your research! Ask questions about the menu, look for different offerings, and see what others are saying. If the location offers a restaurant on-site, make a reservation and sample the cuisine.

At COLISEUM, We are committed to delivering hand-crafted restaurant-quality meals made with fresh, local ingredients. We have a team of talented chefs who can make the best food & a range of cocktails, tailored to suit your corporate function’s budget and needs.

Ready for a party venue in Westchester NY?

Are you looking for an interesting party venue in Westchester County, New York with an exciting ambiance, and a belly-satisfying menu? Then we’d love to hear from you! Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can give you a tour of our facility and provide an estimate that is specifically tailored to your needs. Hold your next corporate function at COLISEUM.

Christmas party can improve the team morale and benefit your company

The end of the year is approaching. It is time to celebrate different celebrations as well as Christmas parties. Before it’s too late, you should begin organizing your holiday or end-of-year party! The top acts available will be at your disposal if you reserve your Christmas Party entertainment early. Begin the preparation process early! All problems and stress will be avoided as the occasion approaches. The better organized you are, the more options you’ll have.

Often the value of corporate or office Christmas parties is misunderstood or misjudged. Here are the top ways that a successful office Christmas party may boost team spirit and benefit your business.

  1. A gesture of gratitude: Give your staff and coworkers a fantastic Christmas party in appreciation for all of their hard work over the past year.
  2. Better communication: Staff members will be able to get to know one another better in a fun and enjoyable environment. It will resulting in better workplace efficiency.
  3. Inspiration: After a trying year, letting go will inspire you to work hard the following year.
  4. Company values: Recap what your company is all about and that team spirit is important to you.
  5. Organization values: Summarize what your company stands for and why you value teamwork.
  6. Loyalty: Events that stress teamwork aid in employee retention by creating an environment that people want to work in.
  7. Give everyone a break: Getting out of the office and experiencing a different environment will help everyone to unwind and have fun without being under time constraints, stress, or pressure from their jobs.
  8. Sincere summary and assessment: Most workers will express their real opinions of the company in the workplace. One can have conversations much more easily at a party, which gives you the chance to identify areas that can be improved in the future to make your office a better place to work overall.
  9. Save cash: Be resourceful and ask the company accountant how a party may “save cash” by using expenses and even potential tax advantages.
  10. It’s all about the fun: How you host a party reveals a lot about you. Who are you as a person and as a leader? It illustrates the overall leadership of the business.
  11. There must be a Christmas party: Don’t ruin the fun by failing to throw your team a holiday gathering. It will send a very negative message to our company and your employees will not thank you for that.

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy the party! Our party venue in Westchester County, New York is an excellent alternative for a corporate party or a Christmas dinner or different private dining options. It is decent irrespective of your group. Themed nights and organized parties would often include in our entertainment segment. Our in-house event management team will handle all the labour-intensive work for you. We work diligently irrespective of your Christmas party and take due care if there is still space for more! So make your reservation right now to ensure more staff and a fantastic holiday celebration. Feel free to contact us at (914) 285-0900 if you have any questions or want to book a Christmas party or Christmas dinner in Westchester County, New York.

The Importance of Choosing the Ideal Event Space in Westchester County for a Corporate Event

You must be aware that venues play a significant part to make an event successful. The venue provides space for your guests and forms the experience that they can have. So, it is of utmost importance that you select the ideal venue if you are organizing a corporate event. If you choose the ideal event space in Westchester County from us at Coliseum White Plains, your organization will have the needed attention. Let us have a look at the reasons why it is ideal to hire event venues from us.

Event Space Westchester County

Have a favorable impression 

As it is possible to have the best conference venue from us you can have access to the spectacular structure, sophisticated and comfortable furnishings, extraordinary views, and a pleasing ambiance. This implies that your guests will have a pleasant experience and transmute their impression of your company as a positive one. They will have the urge to use your products and services, this will enhance your sales and market share. If you are associated with a highly aggressive sector, this impression can give you a leading edge over your competitors.

As it will be possible to have the best impression you can enhance your negotiation ability with your suppliers and associates. It will be possible to make better deals and reduce the cost of production. You can expect to have an increase in revenue and it will be possible to have adequate profit which you can invest in other sectors.

Smooth progression of events 

When you have event venues from us you can expect that your event will have a smooth completion. There may be various functions occurring during your event. As we plan those events meticulously all will happen smoothly. We also arrange the event space in such like manner that there is no obstruction in organizing the functions.

We have all the necessary amenities and facilities to make sure that you meet your objectives and enable the smooth running of the event. It is possible to have the best equipment, technology, and meeting rooms so that your event has a completion without any delay or interruption. You do not have to bother about any aspect regarding organizing the event as we will tackle those. In such a situation you will have enough time to interact with your guests and have business-related talks.

Have a fitting atmosphere

You will agree that the success of a corporate event depends on the atmosphere possible to have at the event venue. We make it possible to have the proper atmosphere depending on the nature of the corporate event that you are organizing. We thoroughly plan the setting and the selection of furniture and amenities so that your guests can enjoy the best ambiance. We can offer a varied variety of amenities, facilities, and services so that it becomes possible to have a fitting atmosphere.

Corporate Event

You can now easily understand why it is wise to depend on us when you desire to have an ideal event space in Westchester CountyCall us and discuss your requirements so that we can arrange the best.