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A Perfect Event Experience Starts With A Great Event Venue

Events that either match or surpass the expectations of their audience are the most prosperous. So selecting a location that works for the event, the target demographic, and your brand should be a part of selecting event venues!

Event venues vary greatly in size, style, service, and the types of events they can accommodate. They should be flexible and can accommodate a variety of event styles. Choosing a unique event space that ticks all those boxes can enhance the guest experience. It will surely surprise your attendees!

Coliseum White Plains

The location you select is crucial to the success of any kind of event. Selecting a distinctive or out-of-the-ordinary location for your event could be the finishing touch that makes it outstanding. However, there are instances when the standard choices, including hotels and conference facilities, are completely inappropriate. Nearly every element of the event is impacted by the location you choose.

Are you an event planner looking for modern venues for events or tech-heavy corporate presentations? Coliseum in Westchester NY could be the answer for your search. Our 7500 square foot beautifully designed event space is open for your upcoming events in 2023 & 2024!


Why Opt for an Unusual Event Venue (Coliseum)?

How can you create an unforgettable experience for your attendees? Choosing the right venue is a multifaceted task that requires careful consideration of various factors. By understanding the unique needs of your event and thoroughly evaluating potential venues! Whether you’re aiming for grandeur, intimacy, or a perfect blend of both, the Coliseum could be the ideal venue that sets the stage for success.

Many celebrations and corporate events happen every year. And the past trend might demand to get it done in the same way & the same place. You can select any location that works for you, though, if tradition is not an issue. The location of the event should be distinctive and more suitable than a typical hotel or conference center. Let’s find out the benefits of selecting a unique location.

Enhance the Event’s Memorability

Remarkable encounters are the foundation of successful events. Is it convenient to have the conference space, food, and lodging in one venue? It may not be the thing in all the event venues! Availability of every things under one roof makes things easy and makes the event memorable. Opting for unique conference venues instead of the same event venue can make the upcoming Christmas party, New Year celebration, or any corporate event or conference memorable for longer.

Best Décor

It takes a lot of work to make the space appear excellent during various events. The distinctive event space and its location itself serve as the backdrop. Choose an event venue that offers panoramic vistas or plenty of inbuilt visual impact. So that, you won’t need to do much more to prepare a venue for upcoming events.

Strong Brand Communication

How do you make your marketing efforts a bit easier? Choose a perfect event venue and everything will be easier. It will enhance your brand messaging. Coliseum can handle your marketing with less effort. We respect the ideals of your brand. Your message get better expose at our event venue. It could be the core value for your brand. As it is located in downtown White Plains, hence it might be a suitable choice for marketing & team-building activities.

Why Does Hiring Coliseum Make Sense?

The event itself is influenced by the location you choose. The location also impacts the type & kind of events you organize. It also influences the event goal. At Coliseum, we have everything to make a positive impact and take your event to the next level. Therefore, selecting us might be the best option irrespective of your events. At Coliseum, we offer a chance that most people wouldn’t otherwise have. Our facilities are designed to accommodate events such as banquets, galas, meetings, and conferences.

In addition to offering lots of space for large gatherings, it is ideal for team-building events. We also offer a serene environment in addition to the opportunity for fun and challenging physical activity. The coliseum is elegant, with impressive architectural design and lots of different interior spaces. It is why the Coliseum is a favorite among guests & spectators.

Finding venues for events in Westchester, NY, is not always easy. One thing to be wary of when checking out an event space is the lack of certain amenities. It is crucial to confirm that the event location you select in Westchester, New York, offers everything you need. We at Coliseum, are centrally located in downtown White Plains, New York. We have hosted hundreds of successful events over the past decades. With multiple illuminated dance platforms, state-of-the-art AV system, lighting, and sound equipment, Coliseum is one-stop shopping for all your events in Westchester, NY!

Some cleaver hacks to organize holiday parties in Westchester County

The holiday season is knocking at your door and you need to start planning for holiday parties in Westchester County now. If you delay the first obstacle that you will face is not having a proper venue from us at Coliseum White Plains. However, when you are organizing a holiday party your responsibility does not end with hiring a venue. You need to know how to organize a pleasant and surprising holiday party. Let us have a look at some clever means to organize such a party during the holiday season.

Decide the type of holiday party 

The primary thing that you need to decide is the nature of the holiday party you will organize. You need to think about what you desire to achieve by organizing the party. You also need to decide how big the party will be as that will decide the size of the venue space that you need to hire from us. Parties are where people like to rewind; however, you need to decide how formal or casual your party will be. Making such a decision it will be possible to ensure the décor and atmosphere echo that tone. You can also mention a dress code in your invitation so that it also matches the atmosphere.

Formulate a budget 

As you are organizing a holiday party it does not mean that you can burst your budget. You need to make certain that you stay within your budget without curtailing any aspect that makes the party loveable and enjoyable. While you formulate the budget keep in mind that it provides a monetary arrangement for all that you desire to have during the party. If you are organizing such holiday parties for the first time you can speak with those who arranged previously so that you have an idea about the funds that you need to have handy.

Make a guest list 

Making a guest list is of utmost importance for various reasons. Having such a list it will be possible to know about the number of attendees and that will decide the size of the party venue that you need to hire. It will also help to decide if any guests have any special requests that you need to adhere to. As you know such particularities you can inform us and we will take the necessary steps so that you can have a holiday party that will please your guests and makes it possible for them to enjoy most.

Set a date 

You need to set your event date. This is also another aspect of importance that you need to consider well ahead of time. Our event spaces get booked quickly during the holiday season and so if you set the date early it will be possible to have a venue at our location.

Choose a host 

You need to have a great host that will add life to your holiday party. They will ensure that the party has a smooth beginning and is complete without any hindrance. The host can be one from your office or if you say we can arrange one.

So, follow these steps and hire a party venue from us as see how successful your holiday party will be.